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Why should I have a Broker?

The first and most important reason is that an insurance brokerage firm generally has a relationship with many insurance companies. Therefore most brokerage firms are able to compare premiums offered by a number of insurance carriers. This allows the agent more options so that they can find the perfect product to fit the individual’s needs.

If you go straight to the insurance company your options for coverage will be limited..Captive agents work for an insurance company, and only sell that company’s products. Independent insurance agents, or brokers, represent several companies. Brokerage firms are typically smaller than insurance companies. This allows them to give you more individual attention. Agents from brokerage firms are able to spend more individual time with you.

When you use a brokerage firm you can usually have the same agent assist you with all of your insurance needs. Most insurance companies are very large and they expect their employees to limit the time on the phone with clients. Some insurance companies do not even have agents who sell their products, but use brokerages or independent agents to sell their products.

This is why you should insure with Your Way Insurance Brokers

Access to a variety of insurance products enables Your Way Insurance Brokers to offer our clients affordable and very competitive premiums. Your premium is determined exclusively by your personal risk factors. Low-risk clients can be assured of cover for much less than what they are currently paying for insurance – we aim to quote to suit your pocket.

Without our valued clients Your Way Insurance Brokers wouldn’t exist. We strive to ensure a pleasant and memorable experience every time you deal with us.

Speak to one of our experienced consultants on 086 111 3454 or simply just send us a mail to for more details.

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