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Tips for buying your first car

by Renate Birch | 15 Aug 2022 | Car Tips Share:

Tips for buying your first car

Your first car


Well hello freedom and farewell relying on others for a ride. 


Buying your first car, is the best feeling in the world, a moment we all experience at some point in our lives. Your first car is a significant step forward in life. 


You never forget your first car.

My first car was a snow white, second hand, 1980 something 1.1 Volks Wagen City Golf. My parents actually helped me with the deposit for the car when I got my first job and every month I paid a proud instalment to the bank from my hard earned salary. I loved everything about my Golf, from the primitive interior to the very manual mechanics. No road was too difficult for her to take on. On weekends she behaved herself just as well in the bushveld on dirt roads as she did on the smooth open highways and city traffic during the week. My first car was not just a thing that got me to where I needed to be, she was my pride, joy and freedom.


Buying your first car is a huge (but exciting) deal but can be stressful. A car is costly, so it’s crucial that you make the right decision when you’re a first time buyer. Here are some must-read tips to guide you on this important journey.


Do thorough research

If you’ve got your heart set on a specific car, take your time to do a little research on it first. Compare prices and consider factors like what you’ll pay on monthly Insurance, how much fuel it consumes, availability on spare car parts and what this car will cost on maintenance.



Looks can be deceiving - What you see is not always what you get. To avoid running into costly problems later do proper inspection of the car


Take it for a test drive

Your test-drive should be much more than simply driving a car around for a few minutes to see how it handles. Take your time to listen to any noises or smell any strange fumes. Do a thorough check on the interior and exterior of the car, checking for any dents, scratches and marks. 


Determine what your car needs are

Take into account the day-to-day use of your car. Is the boot size and access sufficient to fit your needs? Do the seats adjust according to your liking? What are the safety features? See how the radio, Bluetooth, and displays work while you are driving. 


Buy from a reliable dealer

When you think pre-owned, think SA Car Broker. Where we offer you only the best quality certified pre-owned cars available in the market. Our team spends a substantial amount of time, effort, and money to ensure a certified pre-owned vehicle is in tiptop condition. All our certified pre-owned cars have low mileage, one owner, full-service history. 


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